Born to Run

This is actually the third time I have checked out this book. It is the first time I read it though. I had to return it the other times, before getting to read it. I think if you are a runner, you will enjoy this book.

I loved it. My brother actually recommended the book to me. I am glad he did. I was in awe of the people talked about in the book. I wish I had their strength. I wish I had their endurance.

So this book talks about barefoot running. I learned this week in talking to friends that this book came out right when shoes were being released that imitate barefoot running. I am not into that fad, but I can tell you, that I now run once a week barefoot on the treadmill, and I kind of like it. It has actually helped my regular, shoe-d running.

I really liked the story though, regardless of the discussed philosophies on running styles.


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