Okay For Now

Jerry McGuire: I love [the Yankees]. You... complete [my team]. And I just...
[Caprene]: Shut up, just shut up. You had me at [Yankees.]

OK, so maybe the end of Jerry McGuire doesn't exactly go that way, but Okay For Now starts out first talking about the Yankees, and I love the Yankees. So this book had me at "Yankees."

I am the oldest of three children. My younger brother and I were very similar in our school performances. I am two years and eight months older than he. I was a senior in high school, he was a freshman. We had lived in the town for about a year when I started my senior year. It caught me off guard the first time someone came up to me and asked why my parents transferred my brother out of private school. I didn't understand the question. It turns out everyone thought my brother who is two years and eight months younger than I, was my twin. I set the record straight, and eventually, his junior and senior year, he had to live up to my school reputation, so to speak - and he held his own. My youngest brother wasn't so lucky in school. He, oddly enough, is two years and eight months younger than our middle brother (totally true, we figured it out in sacrament meeting one Sunday.) He has dyslexia. It made school rather rough for him. Unfortunately, following in our footsteps made it worse, teachers didn't take the time to figure out something was wrong.

Something I have always known about kids: just because kids have the same parents, doesn't mean all the kids in a family look the same, act the same, think the same, etc. Each kid is unique, and each kid should be allowed to be unique.

Have you read The Wednesday Wars? This story is by the same author. Another cute story about growing up, from a child's perspective. This one focuses on proving yourself, proving that each child in a family is unique, but also the importance for sticking together as a family and sticking up for each other. I loved it. I hope you do too.


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