Vampire Academy

Oh, another vampire book. Who knew.

It was a different spin on the classic Meyer or Rice vampire stories, which made it kind of refreshing. It's based in a vampire world with three different types of vampires. The Moroi, who are the true, blood sucking vampires. The dhampirs, which are a breed of human/Moroi or Moroi/dhampir and are the protectors of the Moroi. And then the Stirgoi (I can't remember how to spell that one) who are sort of like Moroi gone bad.

The story is about Rose, a dhampir, and her bff Lissa, who have to go back to the "Vampire Academy" after hiding out for two years. Then it's just all the drama as they are back at the vampire school, plus the fact that Lissa is beginning to demonstrate some powers that seem to be driving her mad.

Pretty entertaining, although I never loved the main character. I found the main girl, Rose, to be so brash and harsh that I couldn't ever really like her. But the other side stories were much better and more relate-able. So I say I liked it and will even look up the next one in the series.

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ariel said...

this one has been sitting on my shelf for a year. it's kind of daunting knowing that there are a million books in the series. but someday i'll get to it!