The Tea Rose

I'm trying to get caught up on the books I've read over the last few weeks, so don't mind the three in a row.

Since I've been reading so much YA Fiction lately I wanted to branch out and just read straight up adult fiction. I saw this on one of the lists in Goodreads and so I went and got it from the library. It's a pretty decent book with everything thrown in. Love, betrayal, murder, heartbreak, forgiveness, hope, and retribution.

It follows the main character, Fiona Finnegan, as she grows up in the slums of London, dreaming of getting her own shop with her one love, Joe, and making it big. But life hands her trials that make her have to flee to New York City, where she starts her own and shop and a new life.

As I read this book I found myself really picturing what the world was like back in the late 1800's. I felt like the author did a good job of painting what the surroundings looked like without going into too much detail. There are a few love scenes that get pretty graphic, but I just skimmed over them. Also, there is some strong language at times, but again, skimmed. All in all I liked the book and I'm going to look up the second one to see if it measures up too.

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