One For the Money


If you want to laugh out loud when you're all by yourself at the most inappropriate edgy content. Then this is the book for you. i'm not kidding, i would be all by myself at 2 am CRACKING UP!!! but i'm also not kidding about the inappropriateness of the book, it has STRONG language and some crude content. 
the reason Katherine Heigl is in the picture is because they are making this book into a movie(which i'm sure will be rated R, so i'm just warning you) and she is playing the main character Stephanie Plum, who, when finding herself down on her luck and out of a job in desperate need of cash, becomes a bounty hunter. This really is one of the funniest books i have ever read.
this is the first of 16 books, they are all out already and from what i hear each one is as funny as this one.


Gina Louise said...

Can I still pass my temple recommend interview after I read this?

ariel said...