I liked this book. It was very entertaining, creepy, and haunting - perfect for getting in the 'Halloween' mood. I think I enjoy the movie slightly more however {well obviously it would be better because Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise star in it}, I think the movie made it a tad less melodramatic. Brad Pitt's character, Louis, is a little too whinny in the book, I thought. I recommend the edited movie if you can find it, which is what I've seen, because of a little too racey parts or too much gore. It is a fairly dark movie and a darker book fyi.

Here's the story:
Interview with the Vampire is a story of immortality, loyalty, and detachment. The main plot surrounds three individuals brought and held together by the bond of immortality. The story begins with the vampire, Louis, who meets with a boy conducting an interview of his life. The journey begins with tragedy in a young mortal's life that brings him to an encounter with a vampire that changes him forever. Eternally in search of answers as to their true nature and origins, Louis faces the death of his humanity, the betrayal of other vampires, and the death of a companion dear to him. In the end, Louis understands that the road of immortality is best traveled alone.

Anne Rice, the author, wrote a whole series on vampires but I heard that this first one is the best and you really don't need to read the others. And I think I'm good.

It was a quick, fun, and creepy read. I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.


ariel said...

i've wanted to read this for a long time {like since high school} and have never actually done it. maybe next halloween!

ClaysJenna said...

I read Interview with a Vampire and loved it, I just read The Vampire Lestat and LOVED it, too! I might possibly love it more, can't be sure. I am just starting The Queen of the Damned right now...so the series is actually a pretty good one :)

{FYI, I am a high school friend of Ariels}