wicked lovely

Did not like this book. Apparently they're making it into a movie which I'm surprised about because I thought it was written poorly and the story line wasn't that interesting. It has glimmers of potential but overall I thought it wasn't worth the time. Here's the story:

Wicked Lovely is the first novel in a series about a world where fairies and mortals intermingle. The story introduces Aislinn, a teen who can see the faeries around her, but who has been taught all her life to pretend not to see them. She is struggling to cope with the faeries when Keenan, the faery Summer King, enters her life and takes away her mortality, asking her to become the Summer Queen and defeat his mother, the Winter Queen. If she refuses, Winter will take over and kill all the summer faeries and mortals alike. However, Aislinn has no desire to become part of the faerie world, and is already in love with her best friend, Seth. In the end, she cannot avoid becoming the Summer Queen, and reigns alongside Keenan over the creatures she once feared. Upon defeating the Winter Queen, Aislinn brings peace to the world of fey. She also sticks with her best friend and new lover, Seth.

A big part of my disappointment with this book would also be that I thought it catered to like 10-15 year olds but was fairly racy. It made it seem like everyone has sex at that age and that it's ok when you're really young to go to clubs and hang out with guys covered in tattoos. I think that kind of material is way easier for me to accept when it's geared toward an older audience but it was inappropriate for someone that young. 1 out of 5.

All this being said, if a movie is made that changes the story line, making it more believable and the characters more interesting, while making them older so I don't think they're doing inappropriate things, I may go see it. Call me hypocritical ;)

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