Mortal Intruments Triology

In three words I deem these books: engaging, fun, and sexy (<--had to put it)

These books have already been reviewed numerous times so I won't go into detail about what the storyline is.  But I loved them.  They were so fun to read.  However, what's up with all the sci-fi/fantasy craze right now? Dunno.  But what I do know is I'm a part of it and love it. :)  I've always been called a little nerdy because of the shows I love (Lord of the Rings, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Legend, etc.) - therefore this sci-fi craze is fitting in my life.


The only thing that was frustrating with these books was when we were told Clary and Jace, who were very hot for each other (can I say that?), were seemingly brother and sister.  I was so angry!  Let's just pull a Prison Break and kill the lead female role who gorgeous Scoville loves!  What the?!  All of book two was them trying to abstain from wanting each other and trying to call each other brother and sister.  It was all very weird and bizarre.  Good thing that didn't last for too much longer. :)

Oh, and one more thing that was weird for me was reading the small love story between Alec and Magnus (two men).  I could have done without that.  But the author isn't LDS, so what did I expect?  However I'm glad it didn't go into any kind of detail.  Just mainly hints and one kiss at the end. 

Can't wait for book four next year!

4 out of 5 stars 


Gina Louise said...

Ariel: I'm now reading "The Water and The Blood" by Nancy E. Turner.

Gina Louise said...

Oh and to all of you who HAVE read these books: who do you think the guy is on the cover of the third book? Sebastian? Alec?

ariel said...

i thought maybe sebastian.

loved these books. i think i could even re-read them. and i am very anti-re-reading :)

Gina Louise said...

I kinda thought it was Sebastian too. Makes more sense.

Jamie said...

I agree. It was Sebastian

dave + kirst said...

I think I googled it and the author didn't really get a say but she thought of it as the vampire kid (simon?). I haven't read these in awhile- can't remember names. But I loved these books! Glad you did too.