the red pyramid.

i admit, i only got 100 pages into this before i had to quit. maybe i didn't REALLY give it a fair shot, but i was bored out of my mind! it was just way too childish for me. which is interesting, because i often like children's literature. i love the harry potter books and they are definitely in the same genre {but way way better...}.

hmmm. i don't know what my real problem with it was. perhaps the plot was just boring. or i didn't connect with the main characters. at any rate, i didn't like it, and i didn't want to continue wasting time on a book i didn't like.

and that's that.

have you read it? what did you think? i haven't read the percy jackson books {also by rick riordan}. have you? did you like them? i hear they are better.

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stephani said...

my husband read the lightning thief, and he said he liked it, but didn't love it. i thought the movie was cute. ill admit i was intrigued by the cover of this book (funny how i sometimes only read books because the cover looks cool) but I guess I wont waste my time. I get bored easily :)