The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

I may or may not have gotten a bachelor's degree in English major from BYU. I may or may not have had classes with a now popular author. I may or may not believe that our professors would NOT have given this short story a passing grade.

I did read this story in two nights. I did not hate the story, nor did I love the story.

A while back I wrote a review for this book. I'm feeling a bit of déjà vu. The story feels like it was written quickly, there wasn't really much revision of the story. It feels like a first draft. I'm all for books that don't make you think a lot, but this was too much, or I guess too little.

Potential unrealized.

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ariel said...

i've been wondering if anyone would read this. it honestly doesn't even tempt me, even considering i've read the whole twilight series. good to know it's not much to get excited about!