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Harry Potter. The Twilight Series. There are so many books that are written for the elementary or middle school or maybe even high school crowds, but the main following? That would be the college and older aged readers. Then there are the cross over novels. Like how Stephenie Meyer wrote The Host, a book written "solely" for an adult audience.

I love Adriana Trigiani's books. She writes books for the adult reader. This is her crossover book, a book for younger readers.

This book, I liked it. It is a cute little story, though a little choppy in places. I read it all yesterday afternoon, thanks to a persistent migraine. I think this is a great vacation book - a light read, not too heavy of a story line that makes you want to stay in the hotel and read instead of going out to play. It isn't like the Harry Potter/Twilight books that really are, sorry folks, though a young story, are written for an adult reader. This book really is written for teenagers - it is written like the books I read as a teenager. Oh, and it's totally clean. Hooray!

A fun little story of a high school freshman sent off to boarding school and how she and her friends grow up over the school year. Here's a book jacket recount for you if you are interested in more details.


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ariel said...

sounds like my kind of book :) plus i like the cover.