The Wednesday Wars

I've never read Romeo and Juliet. I never plan too...

I learned to read and write when I was 3. By the time I got to kindergarten, my parents were told I should skip a few grades. But they didn't seem to like the idea of their little 5 year old in the second grade. I was lucky enough to have some great teachers in elementary school, not that I thought so at the time. In kindergarten, Mr Stevens gave up his break time - in kid speak, that's recess - to work with me. So while the other kids got to go play on the playground, I got to sit in the classroom and work with Mr Stevens and get my assignments to do while he worked with the other kids during class time. (I don't think the fact that I broke my arm trying to skip the most bars on the jungle gym the first day of kindergarten had anything to do with my loosing recess privileges.) And so it continued, first through fifth grade, until I got to middle school, while the class did their work, my teacher worked with me and gave me my work and my assignments. Though I may not be so great with working with others, I got to know all of my teachers really well and learned other important lessons (some that make up for not working well in a group in my opinion).

That's my Wednesday War-esque experience.

This book is about, among other things, the relationship between a teacher and her student. I laughed all throughout this story. And there is a whole lot more to this book - feathers on a boy's yellow bum, a beyond rude MLB legend, rodents roaming the ceiling tiles, and chalk dusted cream puffs to name a few.

A fun, fun story. I think you'll like it, maybe even love it.

ps - I won he contest. I skipped the most bars.
oh, and the Romeo and Juliet comment... since I wasn't really in class with my classmates, I was reading something different while the class read Romeo and Juliet. So silly me has decided that I'll never read it. I felt like I missed out on so much by being in "my own class" while I was in school. Not reading Romeo and Juliet means not learning what I missed out on.

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