Water for Elephants

This last week I watched the movie 500 Days of Summer. The friend I watched with and I both loved it, but share the opinion that though we really enjoyed it, we wouldn't own it. The story was great, I laughed, I felt for the characters - but why, oh why did they have to add those few comments, the awkward stories?

That is how I felt about this book. I absolutely loved this story, if only 2 chapters weren't included. And the two chapters, though they have to do with each other, really aren't important to the story line. So I really recommend this story, but I think if you read it, you'll know when you get the parts I mean, and you can skip them, or if you don't mind you can read them (I even noted them down but I think the list was still in the book when I returned it to the library today.) It's just rare it seems to read a unique story and happily this is a unique story. True, true, there's the boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, something gets in their way storyline ever so common to today's best sellers - but I could not have guessed this story line and the author does a great job of telling the story.

If you, like me, loved going to the circus as a child, if you, like me, remember the parade as they marched the animals from the train to the big top, if you, like me, remember walking around and meeting the circus stars and the animals (nowadays they seem to hold the circus inside the basketball arena... boring!!!) - and maybe I'm the only one to remember those days of the circus? But here's a behind the scenes peek into the traveling circus. Great story!


Ariel said...

for the most part i don't dare pick up a book that's on the bestsellers shelf unless someone i know has read it and recommend it. i have heard similar reviews about this one. caprene, i am so jealous of your reading time!

Caprene said...

It will be ending very soon. School starts again next Tuesday - and this semester I have class three nights a week instead of two.