forest born

Have you read The Goose Girl? Loved that one. Did you read the second one, Enna Burning? That one was alright. Then the third one... River Secrets... yeah actually didn't finish that one. So when my friend Sue told me there was a fourth one and I should read it {Forest Born} I was a little skeptical. But I just came off reading the hedy Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and needed something light. This fit the bill. Did I love it? No. But was it alright? Yes. I liked it about as much as Enna Burning. It was a tad long winded in my opinion and it left somethings unanswered which makes me think Shannon Hale will follow it up with another book.

This book follows another player in The Bayern Series, Razo's little sister Rin, as she developes her "speaking" talent as patterned after the other three previous books.

I deem this book: fun and light-hearted. If you liked the others in the series know that it's not going to be as good as The Goose Girl but it's still a good read.


Ariel said...

well i absolutely LOVED enna burning, so this is probably right up my alley :)

i'm excited. i didn't know there was another bayern book out.

Marianne said...

I loved The Goose Girl, so I'm excited to keep reading the series.
Ariel, did you like all of the other books in this series, or do you agree with Kirsten that they weren't all so great? Just curious.

Ariel said...

i loved goose girl and i loved enna burning. EB seemed less kiddish to me, which i liked. i haven't read river secrets. for some reason i am turned off by the fact that the main character is a boy. but i bet if i read it i would like it :) i'm a big shannon hale fan.

Ariel said...

did my first comment come off as sarcastic? because it totally wasn't!