the star garden

Ok so I absolutely ADORE the first book that Nancy Turner wrote in this series, These Is My Words, but I have to say that I kind of lost interest in the last two books. It continues Sarah's life in the Arizona Territories but it wasn't what the first one was. There still is a love story, which I'm a sucker for, but this one didn't tickle my fancy... it might be because I really don't like reading about old people (like around 50) making eyes at eachother and kissing etc. etc. It just kind of made me think of my parents or something and I don't even want to go there ;D

But other than that the story is also not extremely interesting. It just shows what an very hard life these pioneers had, which made me very grateful for my ancestors. But it also made it uninteresting for me as well ;D

2 out of 5 stars, didn't hate but sure didn't love it.


Marianne said...

Yeah, I REALLY loved the first book and couldn't put it down. So I'm not really sure I want to read these- it might ruin the story for me. I've heard a couple of other responses to the sequels that are similar to yours; very luke-warm.

Ariel said...

well i think i'll stop checking for the sequels at the book garden.