the lightning thief

This is a new series that I've been hearing about for awhile and I finally got my hands on a copy from a friend. I thought it was a fun, quick read that reminded me a lot of Harry Potter, which could have been annoying but I thought it was original enough to not stop reading. There are five books in the series and they're all out (so those of you (Rachel) who like to only read series that are all out, this one is for you)!

It's a young adult book about a boy named Percy Jackson who finds that he has trouble in all the schools that he's sent to. He can't seem to concentrate or control his temper and so he constantly gets expelled. When he's 12 (a little throw back to HP) he discovers that he's a demigod, the son of a mortal woman and the Greek god Poseidon. His birth, he finds out, violates a bond that the three great gods swore they would never break. In order to pacify the gods he must prove himself by going on a quest which could prevent an apocalyptic war between Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. He has two companions who request to accompany him along the way, Annabeth who is also a demigod and daughter of Athena, and a satyr named Grover.

I really enjoyed all of the mentions and modern twists on Greek mythology. If you like Greek mythology or want to know more about it then I would suggest reading these books. What I really liked was that I could just read this book and not really have to think. Sometimes you just need books like that don't really have an agenda or some deeper meaning and you can just relax and enjoy. I'm excited to read the other four (if by chance you have them could you let me borrow them? I'm on hold for them at the library but I've got quite a few people in front of me...)

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I can handle that. I'll add it to the list.