glenn beck's common sense

Ok I heard great things about Glenn Beck and about his books but I have to admit this one was really hard for me to read. I agree with alot that Glenn Beck says but his writing style is very angry and 'doom-and-gloom,' which isn't my favorite thing to read. So I actually didn't finish it... I read about half of the book, got the general idea, and then couldn't go on. I hope I don't offend anyone who likes him or liked this book but it just wasn't for me. I do think that he has a lot of important things that we as Americans need to be aware of... but I think I'll just watch his show instead.

I wouldn't say I hated this book but I didn't love or like it. Is there something inbetween? If there was, that is what I would choose.

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Ariel said...

i like him too, but he is a little extreme :) i don't think i could read a whole book of his rantings!