the book thief

I finished this book 3 days ago (I know, it has taken me a while to get it posted on here, I've been busy) and I can't shake it. In fact, part of my brain kind of thinks I'm still reading it and I have to go back and finish it. I wish I was; it was such a beautiful book. There were parts where I cried so hard I couldn't read. I put off reading this book for a long time because it has to do with the Holocaust. Somehow my husband and I went through this phase where we watched a ton of movies that were Holocaust related and then we went to the Holocaust Museum in DC in January and I kind of told myself "Enough, you know what happened, you know it was sad, you know it was horribley wrong, you don't need to keep reading/watching about it to remember those things for the rest of your life." But I am SO glad I made an exception for this book. Just when I thought I couldn't see another point of view this book comes along and changes everything. The narrator is death itself and is told from a German family's point of view. I won't say anymore because I think everyone should read this book not knowing anything when they go in.

I will say this: it was depressing but hopeful at the same time. You get the feeling that the main character, Leisel, is a symbol of the goodness and beauty you can find in even the most gruesome and horrific situations. And it makes you realize how hope can make you resiliant to pain and sorrow.

Next up: Either Dan Brown's new book The Lost Symbol, Life of Pie, or that Potato book. Whichever one strikes my fancy when I walk over to my bookshelf.


Gina said...

i'm about 5 chapters into this book and am LOVING it! i'm already so emotionally drawn to it. i could have cried in the first few chapters, but withheld since anthony was sitting right next to me and i would have never heard the end of it.

so excited to continue reading it!

Rachel said...

I cried while Collin was in the room but I hid it. I was thinking to myself "please don't look over here or ask me anything." It was a beautiful book.

dave + kirst said...

can't wait to read it - i have two in line that i have to get to first (Gift of the Sea, and the 3rd 'These is My Words' book). but i've only heard great things about this book. thanks for letting me borrow it :D