Big Russ and Me

Since the last few books I've started, I have "finished" - as in: been finished with, set aside, did not want to read more, all within the first 100 pages, I thought I would blog about a book I read two years ago and loved.

I am really close to my dad. A daddy's girl? Yup, that describes me to a tee. I love stories of father/child relationships. If you too enjoy reading such books, this book is perfect for you. Russert tells story after story of how his relationship with his dad and how the example of his dad helped shape his life. He also touches a little on his relationship with his own son.

Having never watched Meet the Press on Sunday mornings, though I knew the name Tim Russert, I was not familiar with the person. Last summer when Russert passed away, I honestly shed some tears because I developed such a respect for the man through his book. I felt so sorry for his family, for the loss they experienced, for the relationship that his son will no longer continue to build with his dad.

So, for some heart warming stories, some laughs, some tears, I highly recommend Big Russ & Me (the title does use the ampersand, Blogger won't let me use it in the Title line or the labels section). And then pass the book on to your husbands or your own dad. I think they will enjoy it too; after all, I received my copy from my dad.

(And I have a copy at home you are welcome to borrow.)


Marianne said...

Hey, I would really like to borrow this book from you! I love memoirs. Did you know that Tim Russert put together a follow-up book to this book? He compiled many of the letters that he recieved in response to Big Russ & Me. I can't remember what it's called right now. I happened to pick it up at the library probably 3 years ago and LOVED it! So funny and touching that I still remember several stories from it. Ever since then I've been wanting to read this too.

dave + kirst said...

My husband LOVED this book - so I guess I'll have to borrow it from you (once I've finished the 15 books I've got ahead of this one).