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In addition to asking the opinions of friends, from time to time I look to the NY Times Best Seller list for good books to read. This book caught my attention because it was said to be a love story written from a man's perspective.

A few years back, I read "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" and realized the reason I've always been such good pals with the men is because I too am from Mars. Maybe that's why I enjoyed this book?

An example -
"I kiss Paige right below her left ear. She moans." Watch out folks, this could get graphic. The book continues, "I wrap my arms around her waste and we give each other a big, long squeeze." Yes folks, a big, long SQUEEZE. Ha! When it comes to writing about romance, Alex Wellen for sure is no Nicholas Sparks. And frankly, that's not such a bad thing.

As the title implies, this is a love story. But there isn't any mushy, lovey dovey stuff. Instead it's a quirky story of a pharmacist, his family and his friends in a small Northern California town. The story kept my attention, so much so that I read it all yesterday.

*Warning there is language. I'd say there are less than ten swear words , but they do sneak up on you. *

If you would like to read how one review summarizes the book, read below (though I think it gives away some of the surprises that I enjoyed discovering as the story unfolds):
An uncommon love story; having already won the heart of his dream girl, college dropout Andy Altman now faces the hard part, winning the blessing of her crotchety father, Gregory Day, who also happens to be Andy's boss. After moving back to his hometown, Andy takes a job at the pharmacy and finds a great mentor in Gregory, the old pharmacist, until Gregory finds out that Andy's dating his daughter, Paige. Wellen balances a wacky plot about an illicit senior citizen drug ring with heartfelt coming-of-age storytelling and complicated family drama. Andy is endearingly dorky (charts and drawings of his amateur inventions are scattered throughout), and his close-to-cloying romance with Paige is saved by realistic roadblocks. A mid-book twist takes the story down an unexpectedly melancholy path, but Wellen pulls off a satisfying romantic conclusion. Part mystery, part romance and part screwball comedy, this novel keeps its varied elements from spinning out of control with a fresh, confident voice.

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Ariel said...

well if it's nothing like nicholas sparks, maybe i would like it :) have i ever mentioned how much i can't stand his books????? anyway, it sounds interesting. i wish i could read as many books as you caprene!