breaking dawn.

All right, bloggers. Here's the deal: instead of posting separate reviews of Breaking Dawn, we'll just leave our thoughts in the comments of this post. So don't read the comments unless you're finished reading the book! You don't have to be an author to join in the fun :) I'm excited to hear what everyone thought about it!


Jackman Clan said...

Ok so I didn't expect it to be so predictable. I mean I liked it but in a way I was disappointed, nothing really happened. It was really long for the little action that was there. I almost felt like Meyer just wanted to be done with it but she had to many ends to tie up. I guess I really only liked the honeymoon part...maybe if I re-read them all?

Ariel said...

Where to begin? How about the beginning. I HATED the whole beginning and honeymoon part. I was in shock that they actually got married. I have always been on team Jacob and I still wish she would have picked him. But I can't stand Bella, so it didn't surprise me that stayed with Edward {predictable}.

I LOOOOOVED Jacob's book. So good! I thought it was soo funny. I would love to see Stephenie write a whole book from his perspective.

After Jacob's book, it all went downhill for me. I agree. NOTHING HAPPENED. The pregnancy was weird. Renesmee was weird. It was kind of cool when Bella became a vampire. Jacob imprinting on Renesmee was weird. The whole detective Bella part was weird.

The ending was predictable. We all knew that Alice & Jasper would come back and save the day and that there was nooooo way Stephenie would kill off Bella & Edward. So. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5. I am going to re-read it and see if I like it any better the 2nd time, because that's how it was for me with Eclipse. But I kind of wish she had resolved Eclipse better and then left it at that :) BOO! I think I liked The Host better than Breaking Dawn!

Ariel said...

Oh. AND. I want to know what you all think about the cover art? I don't think Meyer has said anything about what it symbolizes, but my opinion is that the red pawn is human Bella and the white queen is vampire Bella. Any thoughts?

Stephenson and Katie said...

K I HATE this book! I got stuck on page 600 and finally just had my friend tell me how it ends cause I couldn't read it anymore. I think it's so lame!! I mean, a vampire/human baby that jacob imprints on?! COME ON! I am so sad because I LOVE the other 3 books. I should of just stopped at eclipse.

ClaysJenna said...

Wow such hatred! I actually rather enjoyed the book. I was never rooting for Bella and Jacob because they were NOT right for each other. Jake WOULD leave her, he would. He never imprinted on her he never would. Plus, Jacob was SO immature, seriously!! (Not that Bella was necessarily "adult" but Jacob was annoyingly juvenile) I did not like Renesme and Jacob, that bothers me. I know he basically HAD to imprint on her or the wolves wouldn't have been there to help at the end with the Vultori. I kind of wish that maybe, just maybe there was an actual fight at the end. A fight that killed off the Vultori, but I don't know who I would have been okay sacrificing on the other side to be able to lose the Vultori. It was all VERY happy, Bella got to get married, she got to have sex with a vampire (which still baffles me, I mean I understand the human body and if you dont have blood ... nevermind) said sex resulted in a child and then she got to be a vampire. she didnt go through the horrible "newborn" stage that EVERY other vampire goes through. She has an amazing talent that NOONE else has or has seen. She gets to live and have Edward and Jacob both happily in her life. Her dad is even aware of it all and is OK with it! Wow!! All really happy. But I didnt expect a book about vampires, shapeshifters/warewolves, etc to be "real life". All in all, I enjoyed the book. I really really did!!! And this was way long, sorry:)

Ariel said...

Jenna, I totally almost didn't post your comment... and not because of the sex part :) because of the JACOB part! What? Girl! Jacob's YOUNG. He should be immature! And Bella is young too! I know it's not uncommon {especially in our mormon society} to marry young and have kids young, but I had a way hard time with the fact that they were getting married. And I was way anti-bella-becoming-a-vampire and therefore wanted her to be with Jacob :) I dunno. I might have to pretend I didn't read this one. And I agree... there should have been a fight at the end. It would have been SOMETHING! Oh and I know what you mean about not expecting it to be real life. But for me, I liked how in the first books SM made it almost believable that in their normal world, vampires & werewolves existed. And then it just got WEIRD in Breaking Dawn and way too far out there for me be ok with or something! Love the comments!

ClaysJenna said...

Haha Ariel you make me laugh!! I didnt necessarily want Bella to be a VAMPIRE but I didnt like her with Jacob:) I think the wedding was rushed I agree. And I also agree, that in the other books you could almost believe that this could be happening in real life and then BD came along and proved that it was just a made up story, not gonna happen. But I was still entertained throughout the book, I like Bella and Edward. I like Jacob, I really do. Not "with" Bella though. And I agree with you, Jacob's part in the book was probably the best. SM had a great way of writing it from his perspective and it was more enjoyable than other parts of the book. But overall, I liked it and would give it closer to 3.5 to 4 stars.

Gina said...

Okay, I finally finished. I was savoring my precious last moments with my twilight saga; that, and I've been incredibly busy. :) I can't believe it's over. *sigh* My Twilight. Moment of silence. Okay, moving on...

So I have to agree with Sarah (Jackman Clan), I was a little disppointed; call me a pervert, but I, too, liked the honeymoon part (I'm a sap). Then the romance kinda left after that and SM just focused on "wrapping up" it seemed. "Tying up the lose ends"...I agree. And it did get weird toward the end; the whole Nessie thing (can I call her that? ha.) and Jacob imprinting on her. Just kinda weird. Loses the "it could be real" thing.

Now, as for the whole Jacob vs. Edward constant agrument. I'm definitely "Team Edward", as it were. I love Jacob; I even love how he flirts with Bella, but he's just not for her. However, I kinda wish there was still the on-going fight for Bella between Edward and Jacob...kinda liked that. It bothered me when Jacob and Bella became strictly friends, and almost enemies at one point.

Two last things, then I promise it's the end of "my saga".
1)My stars:

Twilight: 5 out of 5 Stars
New Moon: 4 out of 5
Eclispse: 5 out of 5
Breaking Dawn: 3 out of 5

2) Ariel, have to agree with you on the cover art. It makes sense.


Ariel said...

I miss the love triangle too :(

Brooke said...

I am Gina's cousin from Idaho living in Kentucky. Okay, so My sister Tanys tried to get me to read this vampire stuff for a couple of years and I wasn't interested. She came to visit me in May and brought her brand new "Host". I read the whole thing while she was here and loved Meyer's style, so I read all her books the next couple of weeks and finished "Breaking Dawn" a couple of weeks ago.
What I loved about the "Twilight saga" Was how easy it was to read and how excited you were to read it again. When the books were over it was almost like you felt an overwhelming need for more entertainment, but that nothing would compare. I also liked how this book could make a young person who is not a member of the church feel. Maybe, a desire to have fun but not go all the way. If you know what I mean.
BUT...call me old (I am almost 30 now) but I didn't personally like feeling like a teenager. I love being an adult and don't miss a moment of that insecurity!!! And Way too much Almost sexual sex, "His cold hard Marble body was a little over the top." I will not let my children read this series until they have have had their very own honeymoon night and know the difference. I personally like my husbands soft and warm body.
I was all for Jacob. He made her laugh and let go of all the stress her life had. My husband is amazingly witty and funny. There is rare a day when we don't laugh. I could not live without that!!! I could live without his hotness(he is starting to get a pooch) and I could live without sex.... Don't get me wrong It is so much fun, but only icing on the cake. Okay I'll stop going on and on, I just overall felt let down by the last book and the worldliness it portrayed. The joy that I have found from life is so very different from that book and I don't want my children to see it that way.

Please let me know what you think about my... opinion.

Ariel said...


i loved your thoughts! i agree about the "almost sexual sex" parts. it seemed to me that book 1 targeted very young readers, and the following books became more and more "adult". i wouldn't want my {hypothetical} young daughter/son reading Breaking Dawn.

and AMEN to the jacob part :). he is so genuine. but we all know how i feel about edward {over-protective, over-dramatic, just generally over-the-top and cheesy...}. my husband's sense of humor is a BIG part of why we are such a good match. i couldn't live without that either. Bella & Edward are soooo serious all the time. BORING!

Janessa Taylor said...

LOL, ok I just finished and I need to comment!! I really liked the book!!! My favorite of the books though is still Twilight--can't get better than that. And, as you know I've been on "Team Edward"--sorry... I agree with, can't remember who, that Jacob is just too immature, and yes, Bella is young too but Edward makes SUCH a better husband than Jacob, I think!! Plus he's a lot hotter :) I personally DON'T miss the love triangle--TOTALLY ANNOYING because I couldn't stand how Bella kept stringing poor Jacob along!! SO I was SOOOOO happy about the imprinting on Renesmee, because FINALLY I have some closure to WHY THE HECK they had this weird magnetism all along!! YAY. I don't think it's weird--well, in normal society yes, but with Quil's thing with the little girl, it kinda helped prep us for the weirdness, don't you think? TOTALLY thought the book was WAY too long...not huge on Bella's investigation part--what was the point, it didn't even HAPPEN! And I thought there was too much build up for what would have been a massacre. Totally glad how it ended though, and thought it wrapped up the series really well. Have to agree on the sex part--can't believe young girls are reading this!!! Guess it's better than watching HBO... but still, more adult, and therefore, yes, I'm also "perverted..." loved it :)

Ariel said...

janessa, you pervert!:) haha i love the comments! i totally agree that movie edward is WAY hot. but normally i don't like the pretty boys. i like 'em rugged :)

Janessa Taylor said...

LOL--I obviously like the pretty ones (my husband...very "pretty"--in fact thought he might be gay when I first met him--sad huh??) yes, I'm excited for the movie--and now I hear it'll be out November 21!! Thanks to Harry Potter's move due to the main actor guy's naked stage performance...anyway. Oh yeah, and I tried to add another comment, but my laptop is being retarded--had to reboot the router. Anyway, you can find answers about the cover art and stuff at: http://www.stepheniemeyer.com/bd_faq.html

Janessa Taylor said...

We should get together to see the movie on premier night!! Oh, and Ariel, am I going to see you tomorrow night?? I mean, of course I will--if I got in, you DEFINITELY did... :)

Brooke said...


Thanks for the comments. I like how you described Edward. We think alike.

As for the almost sex, I still like having my own love life, sometimes talking about it with my mom, sister, and selected friends. I don't like reading or hearing or seeing details of anyone else doin' It!!!! Especially weird vampire knockin' down the house stuff.
This book bashing is fun. If my kids let me and it's okay with you all I'll keep a peek.

Sami said...

Can I post one too? I just found this blog so first off, love that it's like an online book club! I've been looking for a bookclub forever and can't find one, so this is awesome.

Okay... Breaking Dawn. So much that I hated. And some I liked. I liked the wedding scene- when Jacob showed up I could FEEL his pain, but I felt it was all rushed too. I even liked it up until the first time they "did it." Once she woke up the next morning with the bruises... it all went downhill from there. Especially because I knew it was coming.
I HATED the whole book by Jacob. The whole time I just had this creepy feeling - not anything like the first three books. I really think that pregnancy should be a beautiful, almost spiritual thing, but I couldn't help but think of that demon baby in Bella. Oh, and the part where Edward (I'm all for Edward... except this part) tells Jacob to make babies with Bella? CREEPY! I was hoping that Jacob would try to kill Renesmee (also, could she come up with a worse name?) but thought the imprinting was a nice twist.
I liked it once it was back to Bella and she was learning about becoming a vampire, but I never grew to like Renesmee. I have to say that one of the things I liked about her love triangle were the pros and cons. With Edward she gets to be with the love of her life and live forever, but she couldn't have kids. Jacob she would grow old and still sort of love him, but she could have kids. I was disappointed that she got all of Edward plus having kids.

And I didn't like how Edward just faded into the background. It was just too rushed, too dramatic (in a bad way), and not enough action or real life problems to make it relatable. (I agree with the whole too happy ending.) I kind of wish that I hadn't read BD, I am worried it ruined Bella and Edward for me. (sorry that was so long... I had some opinions on it...)

Ariel said...

sami, you may be the only person i know who hated the jacob book! even my die-hard-edward friends liked it! bd for sure ruined bella & edward for me. edward's character seemed so flat to me. i was creeped out by the pregnancy thing too. way creeped out. thanks for commenting! come back soon. maybe i'll actually get around to posting about another book someday!

James and Marianne said...

Hey, I just stumbled upon this blog, and hope it's ok if I post too!

Ariel- You're the ONLY other person I know of who is annoyed with Bella too! I completely agree with you. I was SOOOOO on team Jacob! So when Bella and Edward got married, I had a hard time wanting to continue reading, because I was just so disappointed!

Edward just really bugs me- I think that he really treats Bella like crap and I just don't understand why everyone is so smitten with him! That's why New Moon was my favorite- because he's hardly in it.

Ariel said...

yeah! new moon was the best :)

Sue said...

I had to wait until I read Breaking Dawn a second time through to comment. I really liked it! As I read it the second time I tried to think of how it could have been different and what SM could have changed. I don’t think she could have changed much in order to keep the flow of the story and as many fans happy as possible.

I loved the wedding and honeymoon and was glad that she didn’t take too much time to get to them. The pregnancy thing was a little weird and I had a hard part with Bella craving and liking the human blood. That was a little far fetched for me (…as if the rest of the book isn’t :) ). I was happy that Bella finally became a vampire and liked that we were along with her on all her “firsts” (jumping the river, hunting, crumpling rocks after beating Emmet in an arm wrestle, etc.).

I really like Jacob too and there were times in “New Moon” that I wanted him and Bella to hook up. However, I knew that Bella and Edward were a better match but wanted Jacob to be just as happy as them. The only way this could happen was for him to imprint on someone. Yes I thought that it was a little unbelievable that he imprinted on Nessie but after reading it the second time I’m glad that he did and think they will be good for each other. I am glad SM put in the part with the other werewolf and the little girl that he imprinted on. Then it didn’t seem so gross and wrong that Jacob imprinted on a baby.

I was all geared up for a big fight at the end and was disappointed that it didn’t happen. Again after reading it a second time I was glad that it didn’t happen because I’m sure some of the Cullen’s would have died and I would have hated that (what can I say, I like happy endings).

The only loose string that I felt wasn’t tied up was Leah. At first I was hoping that her and Jacob would fall in love (since they both had similar experiences with loving someone else who ditches them for someone else) but I do like that Jacob will be with Nessie. I felt like we got to know Leah well during Jacob’s book but then we didn’t hear much about her. I guess I just want to know that she ends up happy because I really started to feel bad for her and what she had to deal with.

Whew! That was a lot longer than I thought it would be. I know you don’t agree with much (if any) of what I said but I liked hearing everyone else’s views on the book and know that it is a decent book if it can generate so much discussion!

Ariel said...

Sue, I definately agree about Leah. I had kind of forgotten about her. It would have been interesting to see how her story ended.

Gina said...

I love all these comments! And was glad to find my cousin, Brooke, commented too! Yeah for book reading! Oh, and Ariel...I LOVED how you said Edward's character kinda went "flat" in bd. I TOTALLY agree...and for that reason was really bummed, since I'm team e and all. :) Or should I say was? Just kidding. I can't ever be team j, it's just not going to happen. :)

Chrystal Wilcox said...

Hi, I am knew to reading this blog. I knew Gina in High School. I am hoping to be inspired to read more and I like that you have so many great choices. But anyway I just had to say that I am so suprised how everyone felt about Breaking Dawn. I LOVED IT! I was at the edge of my seat most of the time. True I have kids and didn't get to just sit and read it for hours and hours and so maybe readinging it hear and there made it more suspenceful for me, I don't know. But I also think the worst book is Jacobs book. Anyway, my comments don't really matter that much, I just had to stand up for the book a bit since I really did enjoy reading it.

Chrystal Wilcox said...

One more thing I had to say. My least favorite part of all the books are the sex scenes. They were way too graphic for me. I remember being single, I remember sexual tension, I don't think I thought about it as much as Bella does though. It made me feel a little guitly like I am reading one of those romance novels, everything else though is so captivating and well put together in my opinion.