twilight series.

Ladies & gentlemen... right in the middle of reading several other books, I somehow came to the conclusion that I should read the Twilight series again. I HATE reading the same book twice because I feel like it's a huge waste of time {unless it's a classic like to kill a mockingbird or pride & prejudice or the count of monte cristo or frankenstein}. But here is my reasoning: I couldn't for the life of me remember the plotline of Eclipse. I plan to read Breaking Dawn when it comes out, so I figured I'd better read Eclipse again. BUT. Even more than I hate reading the same book twice, I hate reading any part of a series out of order. So I had to start at the beginning. Sadly, I flew through Twilight and New Moon and now I am starting to remember why I don't remember Eclipse. It bores me to tears. At least the beginning. Hopefully this post will help motivate me to finish it so I can move on to more important {and more halfway-read} books. Wish me luck! I swear as soon as I'm done with the trilogy, I'll post about a more interesting book :)

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