dearest book worms,

if you are waiting for a personal invitation to be an author on this blog... this is it! we would love more authors. it takes a while {for me, anyway} to read a book, so posts can be pretty scarce around here. the more authors, the more posts, the more books, the more fun! comment if you're interested. leave me your email address {i won't post it if you don't want me to} and i'll invite you.




Sue said...

I don't get through books as fast as I used to but I have opinions on books and would love to be an author. I think you already have my e-mail, if not let me know. Thanks!

Dave and Kirst said...

I would like to be an author too :D I'm reading all the books that you guys already recommended so I don't have anything new to report! Hopefully I will soon. And I believe you have my email.